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Jeremy E. King

Fastest Ways to Click in Minecraft

What is the fastest way of clicking in minecraft?

Minecraft Auto Clicker

There is no single proven method of achieving the highest CPS (Clicks Per Second) in Minecraft pvp. Although, there are many methods that are equally as valid in this case, some of the fastest ranging from 30 to 100 CPS! Most people use jitter clicking because of the minimal effort required, although it isn't the ultimate fastest way to click.

What is this video?

I put together a comprehensive guide of some of the fastest ways of clicking your mouse in minecraft, and generally for any game you wish. After noticing that many people have their own techniques and click in different ways, some people may be able to learn something here!

The fastest ways to click are often seen as dragclicking or bawlclicking which is sometimes used on hypixel. In this journey to search for the fastest ways however, you will see how clicking on minecraft has developed throughout the centuries.

For example, you can break the most blocks in Minecraft easily with Free Mouse Clicker on the 500 milliseconds setting and by swinging side to side.


Where do you normally record?

Most videos are recorded on Hypixel, more specifically Hypixel SkyWars or Bed Wars, the IP is listed below. I am quite the avid Hypixel player if you could not tell.

Can I friend you on Hypixel?

Unfortunately for obvious reasons I cannot friend every single person.

Advantages of mine craft autoclicker

  1. Click as fast as you want, whenever you want, without being detectable. (unless you are clicking like 30 cps…)
  2. Bypasses Arcane, Velt, Badlion, and Hypixel anti-cheats.
  3. Completely undetectable in screenshares.
  4. Works with any version of Minecraft.
  5. Works with the Badlion Client.