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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

In the Spring of 2008, we met in Los Angeles for the first time. Neither of us could have ever planned the unpredictable journey we would travel together. Almost seven years later - after a lot of hard work, self-discovery, soul-searching, spiritual awakenings, and lessons learned through both successes and mistakes - we have found our purpose. We have arrived at our own center; where authenticity lives, purpose begins, freedom thrives, and fear disappears. We have had our own epic awakening as partners and as individuals - part of the great awakening of consciousness that is taking place every day, in all corners of the planet. And now as we continue our journey of self-discovery, we are inspired to encourage others of all ages to do the same through sharing our love for dance, education, progress, equality, opportunity, and creativity. Let's create a better world together.


A7 destructive duster trench coats

2 min read

If you're an admirer of Duster trench coats, you probably recognize what a leather trench coat is. All things considering, if you're not, you'll require to have a few detailed discussions regarding leather dusters. 

A duster is a baggy long dress. This is very light, medium-length, and has a very rich background behind it. Dusters were originally made for protection and solace. 

The first duster coats were constructed of these kinds of stuff, worn by riders to cover their clothes. These knee pads or stockings are obviously easier to carry when riding their horse.

Since it's not water-resistant, linen doesn't offer an adequate guarantee against mud or rain. This response triggered the creation of waxy cloths. At this point, dusters became the regular uniforms for the Texas Rangers. 

Many movies of those days included characters carrying dusters. This goal was to regain the greater fame of dusters in the mid-twentieth century. In the business environment, leather coats became the most dominating in that moment. This was a great concept of combining the two styles and making leather dusters with fashion aesthetics. 

A leather duster coat is somewhat distinct from a leather trench coat as opposed to a standard leather coat. 

Leather coats were originally worn by military officers down and dirty throughout World War I; although dusters were developed to provide warmth and to cover, trench coats were equipped for use throughout the war. Both systems are radically different. 

More notably, the style of leather is suitable for your tastes. Most de-dusters are constructed of light-weight leather. Apparently, sheepskin and lambskin leather are most in-demand when it comes to coat dusters. Don't forget goat and deerskin either.


A7 destructive brown suede duster coa                      A7 destructive black duster trench coat 



Camouflage military leather jacket

2 min read

Leather jacket camouflage was introduced into the U.S. military force in the 1960s. Camouflage military jackets and coats owing to their deep and lasting toughness and classic appearance, are versatile but most frequently popular with distinct camouflage designs.


Leatherjacket4 knows its customers' needs and aims to offer the best they can. The camouflage leather jacket is built in such a way that it appears just like the one worn by the valiant members of the army crew. The fact that this leather jacket has magnificently breathtaking features that are adequate to bring prestige to itself will not be unfair to become flabbergasted.


The camouflage leather jacket is made of genuine leather of premium standard. The jacket is available in a traditional mix of camouflage colors that make it look spectacular and classy. In the Camouflage Leather Jacket, a mandarin style collar and symmetrical YKK zip closure are in place. A smooth, wet, comfortable, viscose flap is the inner portion of the jacket. On sleeves and neck, the fine seamed detailing allows the jacket to appear fashionable as well as sturdy. Thanks to its omnibus flexibility, the jacket is ideal for spending a night with friends and is very popular with the masses.


At a working meeting, you should now wear this apparel to make sure you steal the show. A white dress top and khaki trousers, a camouflage, is a very smart style. 


They could even be shopping for a camouflage leather jacket with a white dress top and beige trousers. 


The camouflage military biker leather jacket and a baby blue dress shirt are also a trendy idea.


Joe Biden Aviator Leather Jacket

2 min read

In a realistic and relaxed style, the contemporary community is a lover of trends. Normally, at this stage, they fall specifically to the lightweight, outstanding versions that can be used for an extended range of time. Affected by U.S. politician Joe Biden, this brown-colored jacket has now achieved majesty. The Joe Biden Aviator Leather Jacket is a cool choice to be coordinated with different outfits this cooler time of year since it has been crafted from quality leather and top-reviewed internal viscose stitching.


This masterpiece is trending among Joe Biden fans and the general public who need to be visible. For fashionistas to love their troupe, the seductive look and amazing vibes make the Joe Biden Aviator Jacket a sparkling sight. Carry this article to social gatherings to update your highlights and rouse people with your trendy appeal, or consolidate it into your usual outfits!


This leather jacket will keep you safe and relaxed in unpleasant conditions. With numerous outfits and shadings that will go quickly, the highlights make it unfathomably viable and trendy. Joe Biden pilot jacket will transform into your constant go-to alternative and will usually satisfy your design specifications. The design comprises of a neckline with a shirt collar, plain long rib-knit sleeves, and wide front pockets.


Expand your wardrobe with the new design device, Joe Biden Brown Jacket. A lavish purchasing is something wonderful, this brings hope and trust to the community. Its mauve hue and all-around subdued highlights render it an adaptable piece of apparel that can be paired with formal outfits!


r/Leather - Joe Biden Aviator Leather Jacket


Shearling aviator jackets is all you need to thwart the flurries

4 min read

The bomber jacket is the design signature for all events. It is a touch of outwear that every individual should guarantee. This excellent piece comes to oblige all of your looks and styles. It is the authentic importance of being up-to-date and versatile.


Before we start with the guide and discover how the aircraft leather jacket is a vogue component, we will take a ride to know and refine your style. Really! It is absolutely critical that you think about what makes you pleasant and yourself. Truly around then you can really value tidying up and giving the world your fascinating attributes and style.


Stress not! We are not moving toward you to release your wallets for renovating your complete wardrobe. It just suggests that having the right additional items, limited articles of clothing, and a couple of essential clues, which can absolutely adjust the way wherein you look. The accentuation should be on styling rather than buying articles of clothing.

 r/Leather - Bomber Leather jacket is indeed a staple item for all ages

Start with finding your tendencies like what size (fitted or bigger than normal) you wish to wear, you like low separation, or which material makes you feel good. With this data, take the easy way out while buying or tidying up to zing up your style like never before, and since the Bomber jacket plans, you ought to just follow your faculties; they know the way, so give them lead!

 r/Leather - Bomber Leather jacket is indeed a staple item for all ages

RAF pilot brown shearling leather jacket is one of the most prepared imprint styles of being cool. You can have it teamed up with a dull shirt or some other faint or pastel concealing tee, or if the atmosphere grants, by then a hoodie. The result will be an anxious look, which is essentially ideal for most outings.

 r/Leather - Bomber Leather jacket is indeed a staple item for all ages

The accompanying one to be fundamental for our overview is the USA Aviator men's leather jacket. As the picture depicts, it is the significance of brilliance. With this jacket, you can from a genuine perspective go with anything, and it will try to draw out the best look. The solitary thing you can coordinate with this excellent pick is the right air, and you will be astounded to go.

 r/Leather - Bomber Leather jacket is indeed a staple item for all ages

The third men jacket on our once-over is Aviator RAF faux fur leather jacket. As the name suggests, it conveys the edge to your whole look. This eternal grandness is extraordinary yet so elegant and pleasing for all outings. Adding it with round necks in pastel tones or plain white would be incredible, or if the atmosphere grants, you can similarly go for the high neck shirts or sweaters.

 r/Leather - Bomber Leather jacket is indeed a staple item for all ages

Youngsters, are you arranged to see this amazing B3 RAF aux fur pilot leather jacket with Front corner to corner pockets. This show-stopper never fails to stand adequately apart to be taken note of. This is an ideal fit for all-youngster outfits, be it coordinated with skirts or fitted jeans. You can even match this epic piece with long dresses, and it will go perfectly undoubtedly

 r/Leather - Bomber Leather jacket is indeed a staple item for all ages

Adding a Joe Biden pilot bomber jacket in your wardrobe is a conclusive decision. Since it will assist you with burning-through the stage wherever you go. In addition, it's time you comprehend the greatness of leather and guarantee you pass on the statement "The bomber jacket designs, with fulfillment!"'

 r/Leather - Bomber Leather jacket is indeed a staple item for all ages

With our stunning bomber leather jackets note all the considerations and tips to style up like never before, having an outstanding impression of your quintessence any the spot you go! Along these lines, add it to your truck quickly and love yourself unequivocally just as to make each other individual experience enthusiastic affections for you!


Winter shearling leather jacket for women

2 min read

"Winter is knocking entrances” and drawing with it some of the best winter shearling jackets for men. Choosing the most desirable leather jacket for you might become challenging at moments but you always find a way. Just get your body a chance and investigate what works best for you in rendering you with a jubilant experience as well as remodeling the wearisome-looking outfits into a brand-new grill.

Do not let anything stand in your way when it comes to getting draped with your heart out. Acknowledging the majority of facts regarding clothing standards, it wouldn’t be mistaken to claim that a decent leather jacket is all you need to commend your personality to a bit more extent. Since this is winter so do not go for any thoughtless excuses that hold you away from making the most of your life. Just pick a stunning faux fur shearling leather jacket that goes splendidly with your temperament and tadaa your all set to cheer.

Winter leather jackets have been a puddle of interest for the fashion enthusiast especially if you are an outgoing persona. However, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the population should suppress their enthusiasm Welcome the most beautiful season of the year with your warm embrace because leatherjacket4 has a plethora of amazing leather jackets that will allow you to flaunt your true selves indeed maximizing your allure. Check out\


r/Leather - Women shearling biker leather jacket

r/Leather - Women shearling biker leather jacket


Leatherjacket4 winter attire guide

2 min read


Before leaving in the winter, first, check out the mirror and ask yourself, "Is this adequate to spare you and your style in this season" in case the answer is no, you have to make a couple of major adjustments to your wardrobe at that time. If you are unlikely to have a clearly planned closet for this cooler time of the year, you would have a true review at that stage. Before it is done, make sure you get some great winter attires to stuff your closet with the valuables.

 woman standing on snow field

If in fact, you are unsure about what is vital for winter, there are some leather jackets and coats that you can buy for the winter at this point in time.


Pea coats are one of the most stunning looking superb casuals. These coats have sufficient capacity to transform any easy-going dress to an excessive style. In all situations, plain pants, jumper or pants and Chelsea boots or tennis shoes will fit. In all cases. Pea coats are flexible and too simple to carry without any request for any case.

 Schott on the Street: Our 650 military leather Peacoat in NYC. | Leather  jacket style, Leather jacket men, Leather jacket

Winter bomber jackets are trimmed representations of jackets of knee-length, which are actually celebrated in spy campaign images. Aviator leather jackets are taken into account, a lot of options are available that render them more appealing for a large variety of tastes.

 man in black leather jacket standing beside wall with graffiti

Shearling jackets have a warm and rich feeling and appear to be made from leather and fur which make winter coat an amazing mix. They are available in numerous models and designs, so there is no compelling need to emphasize this.

 woman in black and brown fur coat standing on snow covered ground during daytime

If you choose that you don't want to get through a big sum of currency, you can go for coats that have an artificial hide that will cost you a little less.

Trench coats are one of the most recognized coats in the world of fashion. The style and proposals are almost identical to those of the First World War several years before.

 woman in black leather jacket standing near window

Overcoats are water-resistant and have a belt too which works well to hold you comfortable in the extreme climatic conditions, offering you an extraordinary, exemplary manly appearance.




2 min read

As we as a whole know about the great actuality that winters are practically here, thumping on the entryways, sitting tight for us to invite it with our warm grasp. Be that as it may, this colder time of year, zest up your occasions by using the intensity of the music, chuckling, and stylish clothing. With regards to getting dressed pleasantly, nobody can deny the way that calfskin coats can make you look somewhat sassier than your ordinary go-to look. The leather jacket has this stunning nature of changing any monotonous glancing individual in an easygoing outfit into a stylish glancing fashionista in a moment. 


You may have caught wind of the fortunate discussion leather coat. In the event that not, at that point for the present It would be more than adequate to realize that this coat has amazingly moderate yet very stylish highlights that make you look beautiful in a finger-snap. In the event that you are one of those individuals who are very finicky about shading mixes with regards to picking an attire group? On the off chance that that is along these lines, at that point It would be expressed obviously that the shading mix of this Joe Biden silver leather jacket is very remarkable and state of mind cordial for individuals of all disposition. 


Leatherjacket4 feels glad in introducing the best for you as it has recently purchased this stunning Joe Biden leather jacket. the Joe Bidden leather coat is produced by using incomparable quality calfskin in a one of a kind greyish-earthy coloured shade. The most featured and expert element of the silver leather jacket that has involved the closer view of consideration is the front cowhide seamed specifying utilizing red calfskin consequently giving it an authentic mainstream society look. The Joe Biden coat is inside fixed with smooth gooey sewed covering to make your experience agreeable for the duration of the day. 


This is a brilliant occasion to put resources into something that can wait with you for quite a long time to come. Regardless of where you are making a beeline for in the event that you truly wanna rock the gathering hit it your passageway with a cowhide coat. Request now and see the interest. Get your Joe Biden jacket now at an elite markdown of 20%.


why cowhide leather is the most preferred?

2 min read

Which is the most routinely used cowhide in the production of leather jackets and covers? You hit the nail on the head, it's cowhide. Durability, fine surface, and different various reasons explain why such leather is the most notable in the domain of style and leather coats. The untreated, typical kind of leather is what we call The Cowhide.


Is Cowhide Leather Popular?


People leather jackets come in different shapes, tones and types. Cowhide, being the most standard one demands an explanation. The cowhide has the best surface out of a wide scope of leather and the comfort that it gives is noteworthy. Another clarification behind its noticeable quality is that cowhide is viably open and isn't unreasonably exorbitant. People choose this sort of leather outfits by virtue of the common and vintage vibe.


Cowhide Leather Durability


Cowhide is one of the most reasonable stows away considering the way that it is expeditiously available. This low help leather type is water and soil block that chooses it the most ideal alternative for a conventional outfit. It is commonly used in the production of heavier coats, for instance, a bomber leather jacket and biker leather jacket. The security and solace that cowhide gives while riding a bike is unmatched. At whatever point taken fitting thought of, this sort of cowhide can suffer for eternity.


Lambskin Vs Cowhide


Cowhide, being the heavier and more normal kind of leather has more great conditions when diverged from the Lambskin. Cowhide is more unwilling to tear because of its durability and thickness. The robustness of such a cowhide is on another level that can't be reached by some other kind. Lambskin, on the other hand, is significantly lighter as it starts from a humbler animal and isn't so solid. Lighter kinds of cowhides are normally used in the formation of architect equips for instance B3 aviator jacket or women leather jacket coats.


Prevent your leather jacket from being cracked

3 min read


How to manage your leather possessions to protect them from breaks:

In any case, no one will look like the leather breaks.

In this regard, we’ve listed out some useful tips and tricks to keep your leather. Also, we’ve made a write up of the answers to the most earnest inquiry:


How might I quit splitting leather?



Of the most significant hints to keep your leather is cleaning it appropriately.

Notwithstanding, appropriately cleaning it doesn't mean you assault it with your ordinary cleanser and wipes each month. For leather, less is better. You basically need to clean your leather three times each year and keep most oil and residue particles that can pound it clear.


The cleaning works this way:

  • Have your leather cleaner or glycerin, whatever you like to scour for your leather. This structure the most basic flexibly.
  •  Use a soggy material to put it in the leather, to guarantee the leather is cleaned by delicate rubs.
  • The strategy for applying this is for you to rub and concentrate all the residue and microbes inside the pores.
  • When the leather is taken out, take a delicate shoe cleaning brush and execute all the harmful impurities it ingests as the years progressed. The brush ensures that the leather is washed appropriately.

Make certain to invest additional energy into zones that are generally utilized during the cleaning cycle. This includes armrests on leather couches, leather jacket elbow joints, and shoe lower zones. At the point when a split or two rises, spread the leather resin over the messed-up regions with a smooth wipe.



Perhaps the most critical reason leading to a split of the leather surface is its abuse.

Regardless of how well you care for it, on the off chance that you abuse your leather as opposed to really wearing it, it can amass enough residue and grime to permit it to break. What would it be advisable for you to do here?


  • Try not to sleep on your leather: ensure you don't rest on your couch by utilizing a leather couch.
  • Additionally, ensure you don't scour your leather paws. This implies you shouldn't put your slick or clingy hands on your leather jacket as it could prompt the aggregation of foulness.
  • Make an effort not to wear a jacket which consistently rubs over the floor and makes splits with regards to jackets.


Realize that as it dries unnecessarily, a major reason for the leather breaking.

Thus, it must be exposed to the right measure of dampness, one of the most basic mandates for ensuring your significant leather.

In any case, the essential issue is what amount of dampness there is in the zone? The guideline of the encompassing temperature isn't so natural. Along these lines, what you're doing is here:


It’s not like you can't make the purchase you may think about what the purpose of leather extravagance clothing is. Indeed, the thought is to keep up leather attire however much as could reasonably be expected flawless. What's more, nobody disallows you totally from using it.



Multicolor men's biker leather jacket is all you need to make your ride secure!

3 min read

Each Biker's fantasy is to feel great yet shrewd and jazzy while riding the bicycle. Bicycle riding in spite of the fact that is a bold experience yet the substantial breeze and climate brutality make it awkward at times and this is the reason you have to purchase this super comfortable, trendy and defensive Black and Blue Biker Motorcycle Genuine Leather Jacket.


The utilization of real leather makes the suit significantly more solid, tough, and noteworthy. The time has come to show the world the genuine thrill seeker inside you and this emotionally veritable leather jacket will assist you with accomplishing the reason.


The multicolor mens biker leather jacket elegantly planned with blue and white stripes including the truly necessary a la mode contact that each person needs. As we realize that folks don't care for an excessive amount of planning on their outfits, along these lines, this grey and black leather jacket is immaculate as it joined three of the coolest person hues specifically dark, blue and white. Without going over the edge with the planning, the multicolor mens leather jacket gives you the best attitude toward the bicycle. The YKK Zippers that are utilized on the jacket are totally solid and viewed as truly outstanding around the world. Thus, you can undoubtedly keep everything your possessions that you require to securely convey while riding the bicycle.


How might we overlook the component of security that this cool jacket adds to your riding experience? The multicolor leather jacket accompanies effectively sewed CE endorsed reinforces including 1 back, 2 elbows, and 2 shoulder ensuring cushions/padding. A more critical gander at the plan would reveal to you that the defensive cushions are not included as an extra component however are really made to show up as a major aspect of the jacket’s plan. The hues and shapes all gel truly well with the general plan of the suit. The most engaging part is that the cushions come free of cost and don't build the cost of the multicolor mens leather jacket by any means.


Dark and Blue Biker Motorcycle Genuine Leather Jacket is an absolute necessity to have whether you are into biking or not on the grounds that it will cause you to show up more attractive and jazzy. It is an incredible alternative since it is produced using real calfskin, which is something hard to track down, and it likewise is protected to wear while on the bicycle. Simply add a cap to secure your head and you are a great idea to go.