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Top Gun is a popular American movie released in 1986 directed by Tony Scott in an association with the famous Paramount Pictures. The genre of the movie is more towards action and drama. There is this one thing that people do not know about the screenplay of top gun, it is basically made by getting inspiration from the article “Top Gun” published in California magazine three years earlier. The movie comprises of some well-known and famed Hollywood celebrities including Tom Cruise, Kelly Mc Grills, Val Kilmer Anthony Edwards, and some others.

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When the movie was issued for it received variegated reviews from movie enthusiast but there are some things that people admired to a much considerable extent including the action strategies, fighting skills, escape tactics, romance, and most importantly aerial stunts. The movie got its recognition mainly because of the fighting skills in thousands of meters of altitude in fighter jets. You might have seen “Tom Cruise” carrying a beautiful bomber jacket that is basically a G1 fighter pilot jacket that was originally carried by the armies of Royal Air Force. This type of bomber jacket was provided to the soldiers of British RAF to thwart the harsh winter air rushed while fighting in jets.

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 People get stimulation not only from the effects, graphics, acting and fighting skills of the artists working in movies. Rather, they observe each and every small detail be it a fashion article or dialogue delivery. Fortunately, the movie Top Gun got remembrance for all of these aspects. It wouldn’t be a mistakenly said phrase that the jacket contributed a lot in magnifying the amusing factor of the movie. It has a unique and distinctive design that no one can get his eyes off of it.


 LeatherJacket4 has designed a Top gun G1 fighter pilot leather jacket by using supreme quality cow leather that would be a perfect pick to manufacture a standard avirex leather jacket. This G1 military leather fighter pilot jacket is internally lined with exceptionally slippery and smooth viscose quilted lining to provide you an extra layer of warmth along with being comfortable and cozy. It is embellished with 2 military pockets with flaps and buttons. The most intriguing feature is the presence of 17 patches on the Top Gun G1 bomber to make it look like the original one. It has a brown shearling-lined collar that keeps your high impact areas (neck and shoulders) warm and full of serenity.


The Top Gun G-1 bomber military leather jacket is not made to wear in fighting jets and battlegrounds. Rather it has been adopted by fashion industries to make it a chic and contemporary vogue item initially by manufacturing them intact and later on carrying out some amendments in them to unveil their variants as well. All and all, the top gun leather jacket is a highly recommended attire that could be carried on almost any occasion and works well with a variety of clothes combinations.