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Southside serpents are regarded as the group of some criminals residing at the southern side of Riverdale as its name suggests. They are primarily the fictional characters of the Netflix series “Riverdale”. If a boy wanted to become a member of southside serpents he must accomplish some tasks like retrieving the knife from rattlesnake’s cage. However, in order for a girl to be a member of Southside Serpents, she had to perform a classical serpents dance.

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Southside serpents were remarkably famous by virtue of their fighting skills and escape tactics. The scheme and the acting were so astounding that despite being comparatively older than other famous series, it is still appreciated to a vaster extent. When somebody watched a movie or a drama series it is for sure that the person sitting in front of the television scrutinizes every single thing be it the performance of the characters, the plot of the show, expressions, and dialogue delivery or clothing and accessories. Each and everything contributes equally to making a particular series satisfactory.

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The squad comprising the Southside Serpents is seen wearing a super chic leather jacket that is embellished with a characteristic logo patch of Southside Serpents at the back of the jacket that says “Serpents” and having a snake made in a highly voguish technique. The word serpent is fundamentally referred to as a snake which is justified by the logo. This particular jacket was cherished by a wide percentage of people.  


LeatherJacket4 has crafted a neat first copy of the jacket worn by the dangerous biker squad who predominantly prefer to stay around the south side of the river. This Southside Serpent men leather jacket is made up of real leather which makes it durable for years. The inner is fully stitched viscose linings to provide a comfortable time all day long. The biker style is incomplete without zipper embellishments hence the High-quality zipper is sewn on the front closure and all three front pockets of Jughead Jones Jacket. A wide belt is given around hem for extra fitting. The SSS biker jacket completes its look with shiny metallic tabs on epaulets and on the edges of its lapel collars. 



The jacket is designed in such a way to make it an outstanding choice for any event. Also, you can carry this gorgeous biker jacket in a gathering to strengthen your look or just visualize it in casual friends gathering. It won't only glamourize your look but also render you with the attention & appreciation you deserve.