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Revitalize your old leather apparel

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Leather jackets are considered to be the most drool-worthy and expensive items among our entire clothing collection. Therefore, if you own a leather jacket then it is equally important to replenish and care for it as you always do for your other precious belongings. When you keep going with your leather jacket recurrently, it is more likely to become parched and faded. You realize that your leather jacket doesn’t look as good as it used to look as it is a bit worn out and requires some overhaul. In order to revitalize your leather jacket, you need to stick to some principle treatment plans that would do wonders for your attire. The procedure is not as burdensome as it appears. It just involves some leather stabilizers and a few other things get the job done.

The steps listed below could be taken into consideration for any leather jacket regardless of the color and type and will restore the jacket to its ground-breaking splendor.  

  1. Put your jacket on a flat surface (floor or a tabletop) in a right side up manner and start removing all the creases with your fingertips gently.  Undone every button and belt allowing every inch to be thoroughly exposed. Now comes the principal part. You might have heard about a horse-hair brush, that’s what you need. Start brushing your leather jacket with a horse-hair brush as it won’t be leaving any marks or scratches. It will remove the majority of the dust particles in one go. Just small strokes and you are all done. Same procedure with be applied for the backside.
  2. For further cleaning, take a damp cloth and make sure it wants to leave any lint behind. Start rubbing the leather jacket using a damp cloth and witness the dirt removal right away. A moist cloth will help in removing the leftover dirt in minimum labor. It would be highly suggested to use a microfiber cloth but if you are not having one, go for a cotton one.
  3. There are a number of leather preservatives available in the market that you can easily acquire from a leather goods shop. It is important to choose the right one. Leather preservatives that come in a neutral color and are wax-based will do good. It helps in maintaining moisture content and protect the jacket against scratches and marks. Preservatives have the ability to reside inside the pores of the leather thereby making it smooth and shiny in the long run.  
  4. Before applying anything on your leather apparel, you need to be fully aware of the nature of the product you are using. Always apply a small amount of preservative or anything on a small area on your jacket to make sure if that’s compatible with the leather r not. If it won’t give any kind of reactions and the color remains the same then feel free to apply on the entire jacket. A good quality preservative won’t fade the color and polish of the leather.
  5. Here comes the most important point. Each and everything you are going to apply on the jacket should be directly applied by your hands. Also, you have to use your hands to rub the preservatives and polish as it is very important to generate organic heat in order for both preservative and leather to b combined. Moreover, the massage that you give by using our hands could remove small and light scratches whereas, larger scratched could be removed by using a blow dryer along with gentle rubbing.
  6. It is always a wonderful idea to invest in a good quality leather jacket that not only looks dazzling but also stays with you for a long time.  the sturdy and durable ones also require some service from time to time but if you know how to restore its glory then you are all set to steal the show.