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Leatherjacket4 has introduced its affiliated program by which you can earn money. All you have to do is to indulge yourself in referral sales. We want to make money with your social media sites, web portals, social media accounts like Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, video tutorials, websites, media pages, media channels, WhatsApp, SMS applications and other PRs, whatever you feel like doing. You can now join the leatherjacket4 affiliate program and earn up to 10% commission of each sale through the link you’ve spread out. Leatherjacket4 offers the most commendatory commission rates i.e., a whole 10% commission. Usually, companies offer commission for a single time per registration but you will be given a share on each sale by enrolling yourself only for once.

The affiliate program is absolutely free that means you don’t have to pay any registration fee in order to become a member of this program. Furthermore, it is manageable and easy and it pays for sure. You may get a reward of $5000 to %50000 depending upon the progress you’ve made regarding the sale leading to a better sale thereby achieving the target.




Register yourself to the affiliate program and start broadcasting the unique affiliated links of different products that we provide. For instance, we may direct you to work on a link like and you have to roll that out on different media platforms by blogs, websites, WhatsApp, Facebook and any other medium of your preference that you can come up to. You can receive these affiliated links either by email that you will enter while getting yourself registered or by a panel of website whose access you will be having after registration.

You can get yourself registered for the affiliate program by filling a Signup form. Once you get yourself committed to this journey, we will verify your account so that you can get access to the panel by using an email and password. It not only proposes a lifetime validity but also guarantees a 10% commission of each sale via your expanded link. For example, if a jacket costs $2000 then excluding PayPal’s commission (3%) you will get a commission of US $14.  You can also get a bonus of 2000 USD after reaching a target sale of 500 pcs via your link. See how profitable this program is for you. So, register yourself and start savoring the perks of this program.

If you have any queries you can freely ask on