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B3 leather jackets are primarily made by getting inspiration from the British pilot of Royal Air force at the time of WW2. The American soldiers fought with courage, and the whole of the war is indicative of their indomitable fortitude and faith. They took part in the fight with such an amazing and strapping enthusiasm. Originally, these jackets were worn by the crew to keep their bodies warm thwarting the chilled breeze and harsh uncharted weather conditions away. Now, just as the sense of fashion is growing these days, B3 leather aviator bomber jackets are not left behind.

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The involvement of these RAF jackets in WW2 increase their importance to a much greater extent because of extreme weather conditions at that time at above thousands of meters high altitude. The jackets were originally been worn for a safety purpose, but now they are considered as a glam element. You have seen almost every Hollywood actor or actress wearing the B3 leather jackets in movies and serials which indicate its wide acceptance in every field.

LeatherJacket4 has designed a jacket of this sort. This particular jacket is made up of real leather which is internally covered with shearling having a flapped collar to keep you warm in a hostile atmosphere. Note that, sheepskin products are widely accepted worldwide by virtue of the warmth and soothe they provide as well as the texture and look they hold with them. The high stand collar contains a belt and buckle which enhances its beauty to the next level. The B3 RAF hoodie leather jacket has a front symmetrical zipper that looks remarkably beautiful and contributes beautifully to intensify the glamour of this jacket.

It has faux fur lining and shearling cuffs that keep your body warm in exaggerated climatic conditions. Usually, these jackets are internally covered with soft and luxurious shearling which is actually a fleece made of sheep wool with outstanding expertise and amazing craftsmanship. People that dwell in the areas of climatic temperature around sub-zeroes for most of the time of the year prefer these outfits and tend to have such clothes in their closet for sure. The jacket is equipped with two front pockets and a hemline at the base which is endowed with a belt and buckle on both sides. These pockets are remarkably capacious when it comes to keeping your valuable chattels on the go.


You all are allowed dispelling of losing the charm of this jacket after some months because this particular outfit is made up of genuinely pure material with enhanced durability that has proved to be an important factor regarding the quality and lasting of the beauty of the jacket for years. The layout this jacket possesses is amicable regarding the occasion. You are free to carry this on and layer up yourself for a themed party, a Halloween night or friends gathering. No matter where you are, you are going to steal the show. So, stop wearing your old and shaggy jacket and get yourself a jacket that not only looks good on you but makes you feel exceedingly comfortable.