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Gold panning has experienced a major revival in recent years. The job of gold digger with the current techniques and the right equipment is becoming easier and easier, it is now possible for everyone, with the right method, to find gold in France.Find this profession which is part of the cultural and historical heritage of our regions.
The subsoil of France contains gold in abundance. But where is the gold? There are gold-bearing sites in about sixty departments, but operating costs are very high and production remains modest. The banks and beds of rivers are the most accessible to gold diggers. It is then a leisure activity accessible to all with a minimum investment that will bring you your share of wonder and fascination. It is perfectly possible to find a very good metal detector for a price of 150 euros.The profession of gold panner
Since the dawn of time, the profession of gold panner (better known as "gold panner") has been in the hearts of men. Finding gold is a vocation, a hobby that quickly becomes a pretext for the human adventure. Who has never dreamed of finding the gold nugget that would change his life. Beyond being able to make a fortune, the pleasure of finding gold lies in everything in everyone. But is it still possible to find gold mines in France today, are there any gold rivers near you? The answer is of course yes!

Our vocation is to present amateur gold panning as a hobby/ecological adventure. We will talk here about ecological and non-industrial gold hunting and we will only present techniques that are adapted and specific to the environment.

Gold panning is becoming trendy again, surely due to this desire to return to healthy things, to the values of our ancestors. It must be said that this gold digging adventure will take you and your family / friends / companions on a journey without any illusion of fortune in your thoughts, but only with the aim of "an original vacation, the desire to learn

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