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Francisco Gella & Jeffrey Hoffman

When You Know Your Life Will Never Be The Same.

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2014 was a continuation of major life changes for me that began the year before.  But little did I know in the Fall of 2013, just how much my life would ACTUALLY change in the months ahead.

In September of 2013 I decided it was time to get over my fear of the unknown and make a considerable shift in my life. After over twenty years as a professional who oversaw programs and facilities in higher education, I handed in my resignation. In giving up job, I was also giving up what had been an important part of my identity. The fear was in not knowing what would fill that space. 

More than five years earlier while serving as a Dean of Students, I took on a new challenge with Francisco - starting a new dance school. What did I know about dance? Very little. But I knew that I had one of the best teachers as a partner. And so, after taking on a position in an art & design college (also new territory) just a few years before starting the dance school, the transition toward a life as budding arts administrator began.  Without full awareness at the time, the universe was pointing me in new directions. 

2014 was significant because it's when Francisco and I learned that everything we had accomplished and learned in opening a school together, and everything I learned as an art & design college administrator, had prepared us for something bigger. In June we made a difficult decision to close the school.  Since that time, many new opportunities have allowed us to take our philosophies on education and arts to a bigger national and international platform. 

This past year provided clarity and awakened a new spiritual power. It was the year that Francisco and I discovered with fresh eyes, something significant about the power of letting go. Letting go opens up space for a new birth of energy, ideas, and relationships. We have learned to trust our instincts, accept ambiguity, define our lives on our terms, and be guided by the signals that are always in front of us when we have open hearts. I see now how my life has prepared me for the present. As I head into 2015, I'm grateful for every influence, every experience, and every relationship that has shaped my character and my identity.