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Francisco Gella & Jeffrey Hoffman

There is only right now.

There is only right now.

Tonight I am so grateful for awareness, and for the truth that sometimes awareness comes from putting your thoughts into words and discussing them with another person, even when that person is thousands of miles away. Thank you Francisco. Because of you, I remembered that the moment we begin mirroring each other's hurts and fears, we risk holding back our own true selves and our own genuine gifts so as not to 'offend' or 'anger' others. That is a cycle of ignorance not worthy of our involvement.

To intentionally hurt someone is not enlightened. But neither is resisting giving ourselves fully to a cause, to our work, to our play, to each other - giving in to the fear of what another might think or feel. No great deed has ever been done, no great accomplishment achieved, no great gift been given, and no great change resulted, by half-hearted attempts or disingenuous efforts. Give everything you have in the way only you know how. There is precious little time to play it safe.