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Francisco Gella & Jeffrey Hoffman

5 Critical Reasons Why I Choose To Teach Dancers Of All Ages

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In any given week, you might find me teaching and choreographing for dancers from age 7 to 47.  In the same week.  It's by choice. Here's why:

1. Dance has no boundaries for me. If I am 100% committed to passing on my love of dance, then for me, I can't be concerned about the age or developmental level of who I'm teaching.

2. I'm a better teacher and a better dance maker because I move from young beginners to seasoned professionals. It's easier to apply the basics when necessary for professionals and I remember to challenge young dancers to push themselves to want more as they look to their future. 

3. Ego is not the central part of what motivates me as a professional dance maker or teacher.  I am humbled to represent my profession and my art by bringing the best of my teaching and choreography skills to whomever is willing to work hard and learn.  

4. Elitism is not a word in my vocabulary.  Excellence is however.  I can't expect to contribute my artistic voice and my teaching skills to pass on a legacy of excellence if I'm not willing to inspire and re-inspire dancers of all ages. 

5. Modeling to each other that we are never 'too good', 'too experienced', or 'too expert' to learn and to teach means that I can't resist working with dancers of all ages. The truth is that we are all ALWAYS learning our entire lives.

I know that not every teacher and choreographer will make these same career choices and I completely respect this. Each of us knows best what we are equipped with in knowledge and experience to do be effective, as well as the natural gifts we have and how we might best use them. But I do hope that each of us, no matter what our profession, will always be willing to go out of our comfort zone to learn and grow, and by doing so, make the most out of our gifts to leave a lasting contribution. We can't do everything, that's true. However we can be willing to do more than we ever thought we were capable of doing.   

- Francisco